Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Innovation Saves Lives....

After reading the paper this morning, I saw a lot of comments towards the Iraq war and how a soldier's life had been saved because of the gear that he was wearing! This gave me the idea to look into military innovation and how technology of today is saving lives. Over the years the army has become more dependent on technology to get the job done allowing them to send in technology such as flight drones or robotic bomb squads to spare the risk of sending in a soldier. Over the years the new innovations have been developed to give our soldiers the edge over the enemy because of the massive amounts of funding going into the research and development of new types of warfare. 

When it comes to urban fighting, every corner can hide a group of enemy soldiers. Even the slightest advantage can win battles, so various weapons were designed to allow soldiers to see around corners, and fire around them from behind the protection of a concrete wall. (Military inventions: 2010) 

Although it has been proven that the military innovation can save lives is there danger that the cut backs in military finance because of the economic problems faced by the UK and the USA could halt the innovation of the military. The USA is currently debating the availability of funds available to invest into the army for their research and development. I personally feel that the innovation towards the military are extremely important for the defence of the countries. The Terror attacks of 9/11 and the London bus bombs just show how important it is for the military to handle these threats. 

Some 12 percent of the Pentagon's budget goes to research and development, which the military use to supply contacts. When faced with funding cuts in the past the Pentagon has followed with "reductions in research spending too", the times reports. Also the military's R&D funding accounts for 55% of all government dollars towards research and development. 

I feel that there can never be enough research and development put into the army, even the simplest look into military records that innovation is important for technological benefits. R.A. Mason (Air vice Marshall) explains that military history illustrates the critical importance of technoloical and tactical innovation: The Longbow, The Tank, Radar, Electronic Countermeasures and the astonishing aggregate of British innovation displayed during the Falklands War are random examples of innovative success. sometimes the vision of the innovators has outrun the capability of technology. 

To finish off I personally feel that the innovation of the military is of huge importance to the protection of lives and that the USA should continually invest within their military to ensure today's operational efficiency within the Army. 

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